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Creative / Diverse Music Class

Music Teaching, method, and creativity…

Behavior Management

key words: rules and relationship, respect, random chatting, class attention, teacher’s authority, pre-test. Key questions: Does the random chatting negatively influence their attention in the class work? How to get students’ respect? By rules or relationship? When to deal with the bad behaved students, after the class or immediately? How to deal with the bigContinue reading “Behavior Management”

Ongoing changing music education- My role and my manifesto

By learning the 100 years music education history, I found the aspects around music teaching and knowledge delivery have gradually transformed from teacher-centered to student-centered mode. The challenges of music pedagogy have been influenced by the rapid social changes and increasing demands of students’ competencies required in their future economically, culturally, and politically. According toContinue reading “Ongoing changing music education- My role and my manifesto”

Students’ music on the margins and students’ position in the music classrooms

Most of the music teachers have been influenced by traditional music education to some extent. In the traditional music education, western music was the major part and traditional score reading was the fundamental skills. This resulted that western music notations and playing techniques are considered as the representation of professional music education. However, music educationContinue reading “Students’ music on the margins and students’ position in the music classrooms”

The Possibility to Implement Student-centered Teaching Approach

Yueer Emily Chang, October 28, 2020. “Why we have to spend time in music classes if music subject will not be examined in the final stage and will not take impacts on our final outcomes of universities applications?” The student-centered teaching approach is not realistic in the exam-oriented education system, as claimed in some teachers.Continue reading “The Possibility to Implement Student-centered Teaching Approach”

Vamping in Music lesson

Vamping means repair and improve something, and its use in music area is very interesting. There is a definition provided by Curtis Lindsay(2014), who is the answer provider in Quora. This term is sometimes misused — it does not mean “any instrumental passage in a vocal number,” and it is not synonymous with “intro,” although a number may begin,Continue reading “Vamping in Music lesson”

Pop Music and Its Place in Music Education-Hybrid with Classical music

As most of us may experienced classical music in our childhood education in the range from school curriculum to private instrumental lessons. However, pop music with different styles and forms have already been in part of our daily lives, such as car music, hip-hop song for gym training. It is time to think about theContinue reading “Pop Music and Its Place in Music Education-Hybrid with Classical music”

How to develop music courses, as the purpose for spirit needs, in nowadays education system?

Music courses are often marginalized in many school curriculums. What will happen if music subject became an academic compulsory curriculum or if there is a compulsory academic exam, like HSC, for music subject? Will everyone goes to play and learn an instrument or join a school choir? Parents always ask the purposes to learn aContinue reading “How to develop music courses, as the purpose for spirit needs, in nowadays education system?”

Body percussion activity

4 pulses in each action. Increasing speed to show students the change of tempo. It is a good start activity for music class as the body percussion is easy and can help students be more activate. Students start to focus on teachers’ speaking and moving.


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Comparison of the music classes in different schools under different educational system.
Comparison of the music classes in different schools under different educational system.

My Tutorial of running rider successfully and sync with music.

line Rider

Line Rider

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